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Fourth Element Adventures offers dive experiences that are different. Our masterclass trips are designed, in consultation with the masterclass trip leaders, to include something that they are passionate about – something that will not only challenge you, it will also challenge them. At the same time, the trip will give them ample time to guide your personal skills development. Adventures are led by a true expert in the field, someone who is passionate and as interested in the experience as you are. Expeditions are unique opportunities to dive somewhere, experience something, and discover new destinations for the first time.


The Fourth Element Adventures team creates tailor-made expeditions that open the doors to some of the worlds most exciting destinations. Our own eagerness to discover the world’s oceans and encounter the fascinating animals nature within them is what drives us forward.


Fourth Element Adventures trips are designed in the UK and Sweden for the global customer. Our knowledgable team carefully handpicks our local partners, weighs the benefits of travelling in a certain time period, and works only with some of the the world's premier expedition leaders who's competence and knowledge add to the quality and safety of the expedition. It is our ambition that each expedition shall be of world-class quality and to create a memory for life.

Experience & safety

Fourth Element has been involved in diving expeditions for over 15 years as a sponsor and organiser of exploratory dive trips worldwide. Exposure Expeditions has arranged group holidays and expeditions since 2004 and is part of the Almers Travel Group where Scuba Travel and Invictus Travel & Training are also included. We have a statutory travel guarantee placed with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce (Kammarkollegiet) which covers all customers, regardless of nationality and where they live, that purchase a package holiday or expedition from us. Exposure Expeditions is a member of The Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (Svenska Resebyråföreningen).

Environmental Responsibility

Our adventures are designed with the intention to minimize the impact it has on the environment. We choose local operators that have like-minded goals. Fourth Element Adventures will present our travellers with a travel guide on how each person can minimize her own footprint when out discovering the world.



Atlantic Puffin, Iceland /

What Our Customers Think...

"Do you want to reach for your dreams as an UW photographer? Then Exposure Expeditions will fulfill them all! I recommend them from the bottom of my heart."
Erik Linders

"My trip to the Bahamas with Exposure Expeditions met many of my dive dreams. I've always wanted to dive with tiger sharks and hammerheads, and together with expedition leaders Magnus and Klas, the whole experience is now a crescendo of my dive career. I booked the white shark expedition as soon as I got home!"
Tony Nilsson

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