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What kind of insurance do I need?

Cancellation insurance

We recommend all of our customers to have some form of cancellation insurance. This insurance should to be purchased prior to paying your deposit for the trip, but no later than two days after making the payment. We recommend that you first check with your home insurance to see if you have sufficient coverage through it. 

Travel insurance

Travel insurance can be purchased up until your departure date. Which type of insurance you need is dependent on what type of holiday you have booked, and how long you will be away from home. Check with your home insurance to see what your coverage includes for travel abroad. It is always good to be particularly careful regarding coverage for medical visits, lost or delayed baggage, delayed or cancelled flights, etc. 

Special insurance for diving and photo equipment, including underwater photo equipment

Special insurance is necessary in order to cover dive related accidents. If your insurance company does cover this type of accident, be sure to get a written copy of what is included before your trip and verify what diving is covered. If you have any doubts, we can recommend diving insurance providers to you who can provide appropriate cover.

Similarly, insurance policies may limit what photographic equipment is covered, especially if this equipment is to be used underwater. In plenty of time before your departure date, check what your insurance covers should you lose or damage your photo equipment. Most providers of diving specific insurance policies will also be able to offer coverage for your photographic equipment, but please check your policy carefully.

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